When reverence's touch is warm
and lonely water
falls quietly
on all creatures,

Love is the answer!...

Always love is the answer!

So if you love what you do
if you love your neighbour
but most of all,
if you love Him
then, just wonder about
the beauty arround you
admire anything admirable
and then...

All is bliss!

The Purpose

My purpose is a dream
a land of happiness and laughter
with families embraced in care and forgiveness...

My purpose forgot long time ago
about the war
the death and pain
and in this Holy place
the young ones never became old
life never dies
life is firever

but where is it now?
My purpose is a legend
covering all the countries on the planet
My purpose is a marvel
where the people have hearts and souls
its place can be anywhere in the world
where they like to walk under the moon
to work under the sun
or the other way aruond
although they are used to making love
in esch and every season

My purpose is a fairy tale
a place full of tenderness and love

I found it already
but where can you find it?
but were is it now?
where is it heading to?
where are the followers?

My purpose never stands lies
the truth is in front of your eyes!
My purpose to promote...
My purpose knows a story
of health and imagination
the greatest story ever told
and the children know it by memory!



Gia's Resume

So many voices inside me

asking to speak
asking to come out in any way... many stairs to climb
to make it in the proximity
of Mr. Big Shot
so many stairs from where
to fall
... many, oh, so many questions
and almost all of them
almost unanswered
looking like a very, very gifted encyclopaedia
in the well known search
for the concept at least...of inner self!...

After Was Before

In everything
you'll find an ending and a beginning
going towards
peace and freedom
so use your gifts and talents!... all over...
...hope and faith...
from all of us...

because what it will be was before
and what it was will be again
and only time knows
about the untouchable rules
of the Right One


and only time knows
that one of them
was, is and will always be
after was before
before will be after. . . . . .


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